Email Archiving has been a subject of long-standing interest for us. Over the past year, we have encountered various viewpoints regarding email archiving. Initially, we shared some of these opinions, but as we continued to educate ourselves, we began to disagree with them.

Eventually, we realized that these beliefs were commonly accepted merely because many others agreed.

So, we have some controversial opinions we’d like to share on email archiving.


Email Archiving is only valuable if required by law.


We’re not saying that email archiving shouldn’t be required in some industries. Implementing this could have advantages for all companies, particularly smaller or medium-sized ones.


However, assuming it’s only valuable when mandated by law can be shortsighted. Email archiving can provide significant benefits beyond compliance, like:

  • Capturing valuable client communication, documenting their needs, feedback, and past issues.
  • Retaining project milestones and timelines for future reference and learning.
  • Understanding the decision-making process through email discussions.

I am fully aware of everything happening in my company.


Contrary to popular belief, this is a myth. No matter how hands-on you are or how long your employees have been with you, you can’t know everything.


Remember, employees may make promises on behalf of the company without proper authorization. Email archiving can serve as a record, protecting your company from potential legal and compliance issues.


Employees’ emails are not valuable.


Thinking that employees’ emails are not valuable is a significant mistake. Email archiving provides an excellent framework for retaining knowledge when an employee departs, ensuring that company data is recovered.


Consider, these emails can contain vital information such as:

  • Client interactions, needs, and feedback.
  • Documentation of past issues and problem-solving.
  • Insights into the decision-making process within the company.

Email Archiving is too complex and expensive.


It’s not wise to rely on your memory or email service provider to store your emails and knowledge. In the long run, it can be more costly due to the time spent searching and the risk of losing important data and knowledge.


Instead, investing in email archiving software is a better option for your company. Many affordable solutions can fit within a business budget and do not hold your data hostage. By setting up the appropriate email archiving software, you can start archiving your company emails in as little as 10 minutes.


In conclusion, challenging the common beliefs surrounding email archiving can lead to more informed decisions for your company. Embracing the value of email archiving beyond legal requirements and recognizing the significance of employee emails can improve your business’s efficiency, knowledge retention, and security. Investing in reliable email archiving software is a proactive step that can benefit your company in the long term.

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