Need to find an email fast?

Email Vault’s search feature brings simplicity and efficiency to your email management. Our intuitive interface allows you to search using natural language, while advanced filters help you drill down to the exact details you need.

Automate Your Email Management with Saved Searches

Transform how you handle recurring search needs with Email Vault’s Saved Searches. Set up search criteria once and save them for future use. You can even schedule these searches to run automatically, keeping you updated on new relevant emails without constant manual input.

Simplify Your Search

Unleash the power of Email Vault’s easy-to-use search features, designed to make finding emails straightforward and hassle-free. Our intuitive interface supports natural language queries, allowing you to search as you think and quickly locate exactly what you need without complicated procedures.

Streamline Your Searches with Keyword Lists

Maximize your search efficiency with Email Vault’s Keyword List feature. By pre-defining a list of crucial keywords, you can swiftly access relevant emails related to specific topics or projects. This tool is perfect for staying organized and ensuring you never overlook important communications.

Quickly Revisit Past Searches

Never lose track of your inquiries with Email Vault’s Recent Search History. This feature keeps a log of your previous searches, providing you with quick back-referencing and the ability to follow up on earlier findings or queries, enhancing continuity and saving time.


Email Vault users experience an average of 70% reduction in time spent managing emails, thanks to our intuitive search capabilities.


Utilizing Email Vault’s advanced search features has been shown to increase productivity by up to 40%, as users spend less time searching for information and more time acting on it.

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