Email Management for Real Estate

Juggling countless documents and client communications through your email can be overwhelming, especially with the risk of losing crucial emails or needing urgent access to attachments.  If you’re also struggling to retrieve past emails linked to former agents, Email Vautl offers a streamlined solution.

What we do

Easy Installation

Swiftly install on your email server—5 minutes, no plugins, downloads, reboots, or downtime.

Save Everything

All inbound and outbound emails are securely saved, effortlessly searchable. Zero misses.

Fully Secure

Rely on our robust security—only authorized team access. Share data securely with your back office, even temporarily.

Work with your MSP

They maintain secure back-end access, ensuring you retain full control to search your email effortlessly.

Unlock Efficiency: Try Email Vault today and experience how it empowers you.

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Simple, scalable, web-based email backup.