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Is Email Vault for me?

Small and Medium Businesses: Yes, it can! If you’re struggling with managing your email archives, be it finding old attachments, accessing emails from past employees, or needing a robust system for legal email retrieval, Email Vault is your go-to solution. It simplifies your email management, enhancing efficiency and providing an easy-to-use platform tailored to your business needs.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs): Certainly! Email Vault offers MSPs a secure and extensive backup system for all inbound and outbound emails and attachments. This tool not only enriches your service offerings but also adds significant value for your clients. If you’re considering a mail server migration, Email Vault reduces data loss risks, facilitating a secure and efficient transition.

Financial Advisors & Broker Dealers: Absolutely! In the financial sector, adhering to compliance regulations is crucial. Email Vault ensures that your email archiving meets the standards set by the SEC and FINRA, specifically adhering to Rule 17a-4(f). It’s more than just a tool; it’s a compliance ally, ensuring your email practices are up to par with industry requirements.

What services are supported?

We currently support Microsoft 365 and Google Enterprise accounts. More options are coming soon. 

How do businesses benefit from Email Vault?

Email Vault transforms email management by providing a full backup of all corporate emails, creating a detailed and comprehensive record of both inbound and outbound communication. Every email is meticulously indexed and made easily searchable, streamlining compliance with legal and regulatory mandates. With Email Vault, the challenges of misplaced attachments or inaccessible emails from former employees become a thing of the past. It empowers leadership teams to oversee communication effectively, enabling them to offer valuable training and feedback, all while seamlessly integrating into normal workflows without disruption.

How is my data kept secure?

At Email Vault, we take the security of your data with utmost seriousness. All data traffic is encrypted during transit. This encryption safeguards your information, keeping it confidential and secure as it moves to and from our servers.

In addition, Email Vault has implemented multiple layers of data protection within our site. These layers are designed to defend against unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

Furthermore, access to raw storage and back-end systems of Email Vault is highly restricted and limited to our Chief Technology Officer and our Lead Engineer.

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