Simplify Email Solutions for Your Customers

Provide your customers with advanced email storage, search, and analytics tools, empowering them to efficiently manage their own emails and reduce your support load.

Struggling with email management overload
in your MSP operations?

Our platform not only stores all incoming and outgoing emails securely but also enables advanced search and analytics.

Imagine empowering your clients with the ability to independently search, report, and analyze their emails. Reduce your support tickets and enhance your service offering with Email Vault’s intuitive, user-friendly interface designed for efficient email management

Schedule a call today for a flexible, no-contract trial and see how Email Vault can transform your MSP business. Streamline your operations and put the power back in your customers’ hands.

Effortless Oversight with Our MSP Dashboard

Streamline Setup and Monitoring Across All Accounts

Maximize your MSP offerings with Email Vault’s Dashboard. This effective tool simplifies customer email system management. Its user-friendly dashboard offers a detailed view, allowing instant verification of correct setup and journaling for all customer accounts. Easily access individual accounts for quick adjustments. This boosts efficiency, ensures optimal operation and compliance, and helps maintain high service standards and client satisfaction.

The right tools can elevate your MSP’s efficiency and client autonomy. 

Offering user-friendly search, analytics, and exporting features, Email Vault enables your clients to manage their needs independently, reducing their reliance on support.


Empower Client Autonomy

Email Vault transforms client email management with its user-friendly design. Clients can independently handle searching and analytics, significantly reducing your support workload and maximizing your MSP’s operational efficiency.


Ensure Zero Email Loss During Migrations

Empower your MSP business by utilizing Email Vault, a comprehensive tool that simplifies email archiving, enhances security, and provides advanced analytics. Transform how you manage client emails, making your services more efficient and effective in one centralized platform.


Flexible Billing, No Binding Contracts

Transform your MSP’s approach with Email Vault’s flexible billing. Enjoy the freedom of no long-term contracts, avoid unnecessary license expenditures, and forget about stringent minimums. Our platform ensures a more adaptable and efficient client management experience, making billing hassle-free and tailored to your needs

Core MSP Features 

Email Vault’s core features for MSPs include comprehensive email archiving, powerful eDiscovery tools, and advanced monitoring capabilities, all within a user-friendly interface. These tools are designed to enhance service offerings, increase client satisfaction, and streamline email management for both MSPs and their clients

Affordable and Upfront Pricing

MSPs have the flexibility to sign up for Email Vault directly, choosing from straightforward usage or user-based pricing options to best fit their business model. For those seeking a more customized approach, our sales team is available to discuss tailored pricing solutions, ensuring the perfect fit for your unique needs.

Streamlined Setup

Easily manage your client lists with Email Vault’s Client Dashboard, offering both manual and bulk upload options. Set up journaling for your clients swiftly and efficiently, streamlining your management process and saving valuable time.

Insightful Reporting

Email Vault offers clients comprehensive reporting features, including usage reports, insights into top senders, and detailed email statistics for their company. Particularly valuable are the termination reports, providing a succinct overview of an employee’s email activity during their final days. Additionally, the system vigilantly monitors and alerts both clients and MSPs when specific keywords are detected in the organization’s emails, ensuring proactive management and enhanced oversight.

Privacy and Security

Email Vault upholds the highest standards of compliance and security, ensuring that your email data is protected under stringent regulations. With robust encryption and meticulous adherence to compliance norms, Email Vault guarantees the security and integrity of your email communications at all times.


Keep a close watch on all your clients through Email Vault’s comprehensive dashboard, which alerts you to any potential inactivity. Gain direct access to each client’s personal portal from the dashboard, where you can delve into detailed reporting and analytics, ensuring you stay informed and proactive in your client management.

Easy Search

Email Vault simplifies searches for MSPs and their clients, with easy access to the client portal for seamless searching and exporting. Clients can independently conduct searches and choose between single or bulk exports. Additionally, Email Vault meticulously records all exports, providing an extra layer of review and security, ensuring every action is traceable and secure

The Key to Email Insights? It’s Email Vault.

Lock away the complexity and unlock clarity in your email communication.

Store and Analyze Emails.

Simple, insightful, web-based email backup.