Need to share your archive securely with external partners?

Email Vault’s Guest User feature enables temporary access for external consultants or legal teams to search and export emails. You control the access with adjustable expiration dates, ensuring automatic removal of permissions.

Secure Collaboration

When collaboration with external consultants, auditors, or legal teams is necessary, Email Vault’s Guest User feature ensures that these interactions are secure. Provide temporary access to your email archives with confidence, knowing that external parties can search and export the necessary information without compromising the security of your broader email environment.

Controlled Access

Control is paramount when granting access to sensitive information. With Email Vault, you determine exactly how long external users can access the email archives. Set and adjust expiration dates as needed, ensuring that access is always aligned with your project timelines and security policies. This level of control helps prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

Automatic Revocation

Once the set access period expires, Email Vault automatically revokes the guest user’s permissions. This automatic termination of access rights not only reduces the administrative burden but also significantly enhances your company’s security posture. You no longer need to manually track and terminate access, making it easier to manage and secure large volumes of sensitive data.

Streamline Your eDiscovery with Total Security

Capitalize on the flexibility and security of Email Vault’s Guest User feature. Whether for compliance audits, legal reviews, or collaborative projects, this feature ensures that your sensitive data remains protected while accessible to those who need it temporarily. With Email Vault, you gain the ability to manage temporary accesses with precision, and with automatic access termination, you eliminate the risk of data exposure or unauthorized use after project completion.

Don’t let data security concerns complicate necessary external collaborations. Try Email Vault’s Guest User feature today and experience firsthand the perfect balance of accessibility and security. Simplify your processes, maintain compliance, and protect your company’s vital information—all with one solution.

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