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Email Vault Analytics provides a comprehensive view of your team’s email activities, turning raw data into understandable metrics that reveal the health of your communications.

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Imagine being able to pinpoint bottlenecks, streamline communication flows, and enhance customer engagement just by analyzing your existing emails. With Email Vault, uncover trends, track performance, and ensure no email goes unanswered.

Unlock the full potential of your email data with Email Vault Analytics. 

Business Hour Insights

Gain a clear understanding of when your team is most active with our Business Hour Insights report. This tool analyzes email activity to pinpoint peak operational times, helping you optimize workload distribution and responsiveness. Whether company-wide or for specific employees, adjust staffing and strategies based on actual communication patterns.

Email Activity of Sent and Received Messages

Explore detailed trends in your sent and received email traffic with this comprehensive report. Track how communication flows within and outside your organization to better understand engagement levels and team performance. Available for both company-wide overviews and individual employee analysis, this report helps identify leaders and areas needing attention.

Email Storage Usage

Monitor your organization’s email storage efficiently with our Email Storage Usage report. This analysis breaks down the number of emails and the amount of data used, providing insights into how resources are being consumed. Tailor your storage solutions by viewing data either at the company level or for individual employees, ensuring optimal email management.

Measure Responsiveness with the Time to Respond Report

Improve your team’s responsiveness with our Time to Respond Report. This essential tool analyzes the speed at which your employees reply to emails, providing critical insights into customer service efficiency and internal communication speed. Perfect for understanding both company-wide and individual employee response times.

Deep Dive into Employee Email Activity with the Employee Focus Report

Gain detailed insights into individual employee email habits with our Employee Focus Report. This report provides a comprehensive overview of top senders and receivers, a breakdown of email volume, and a detailed list of attachments shared within a specified timeframe. Use this data to identify key communicators in your organization, ensure compliance with data handling policies, and reinforce best practices in email management. 

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