Email Vault helps businesses achieve security and compliance at an affordable price.

About Us

Born from Experience, Built for Simplicity

Email Vault revolutionizes email management by backing up and indexing all inbound and outbound emails and attachments. This enables companies to swiftly locate missing emails, access past employee correspondence, or address external legal or regulatory inquiries with ease.

Our team at Email Vault brings together extensive expertise in developing, scaling, and managing intricate SaaS infrastructures with real-world experience in business operations, email archiving, and legal compliance.

Beyond our technical prowess, the inception of Email Vault was fueled by our founders’ personal experiences. Frustrated with larger providers’ exorbitant pricing, restrictive long-term contracts, and the tendency to hold data hostage, they set out to create a solution that is the antithesis of these pain points. They were determined to build a system that was straightforward, cost-effective, and liberating – devoid of unnecessary complexities and excess features that often overburden businesses.

Thus, Email Vault was born – an easy, affordable solution for email archiving and data exporting, conceived from the frustrations and needs experienced firsthand by our founders. It represents not just an email archiving system, but a commitment to transparency, simplicity, and genuine value for our clients.

Core Features of Email Vault

With its comprehensive features, Email Vaut ensure that your business complies with SEC regulations.

Email Journaling

Securely archives email without modification to its original format.


Fast and easy search capabilities using keywords. 

Email Monitoring

It detects sensitive data to mitigate potential risks for your business.

Data Exporting

Easy and cost-effective data exporting.

Mulit- Factor Authentication

Users can enable Multi-Factor Authentications (MFA) in the app to maximize security. 

Usage Tracking

Users can track their usage and data for a selected period. 

Try Risk Free for 30 days

If you cancel within your first 30 days, no fees are due. Sign up now to achieve security and compliance quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the cost.

Store and Analyze Emails.

Simple, insightful, web-based email backup.