Today we are going to talk about 4 technical terms that cover email archiving and compliance.

As an owner, it’s essential to understand specific terms related to email archiving and compliance. This will help you manage and protect your valuable email data more effectively.

Most people think email archiving is too technical, boring, and a waste of time to understand, so they don’t take the time to teach themselves about the subject.


Understanding email archiving and compliance is more straightforward than it sounds.


Familiarizing oneself with technical terms can help differentiate email archiving from simply storing emails and highlight why it may be necessary.

Email Archiving: The capturing, storing, and managing of emails for long-term retention and easy retrieval.

Every email sent and received within your organization is automatically archived for safekeeping. These emails are unalterable and indexed on the server for easy searching and exporting in the future.

Legal Compliance Officer: Individual responsible for overseeing & ensuring compliance with legal & regulatory requirements related to email archiving.

An individual within your organization dedicates time each week to search and monitor company emails. They aim to ensure that employees are not breaking laws or guidelines or committing HR violations.

Tamper Proof: Ensuring that archived emails cannot be altered, deleted, or modified to maintain their integrity as evidence.

It’s important to know that more than simply not deleting emails from your server may be required to ensure their security. In the event of litigation, it may be challenging to prove that these emails have not been altered. However, if you archive them, you can provide a copy of the original email for legal purposes.

Data Retention Period: The duration for which emails must be retained based on legal, industry, or business-specific requirements.

Some industries legally must retain all company emails for a designated period. Checking if your industry is subject to legal retention obligations would be a good idea.


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