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Discover Email Vault – the ultimate solution for businesses to seamlessly archive, search, and analyze their emails. Whether you’re using Microsoft Office or Google Enterprise, our intuitive platform ensures all your emails are securely stored and easily accessible. With powerful search capabilities and insightful analytics, you can quickly find critical information, track communication patterns, and make data-driven decisions. Say goodbye to lost emails and hello to enhanced productivity and compliance with Email Vault.

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Effortlessly achieve compliance and unlock powerful email analytics with Email Vault.

Email Vault securely archives emails from both Microsoft Office and Google Workspace, ensuring your important messages are always safe and accessible. Our advanced search capabilities allow you to find any email in seconds, while our detailed analytics provide insights that help you stay compliant and informed.

Archive and Search Emails for Compliance and eDiscovery

Imagine having all your emails securely archived and easily searchable, ensuring you meet compliance regulations effortlessly. With Email Vault, you can efficiently manage your email data and gain valuable insights through powerful analytics.

Simplify Email Search and Analytics

Email Vault addresses these challenges head-on. Our intuitive platform helps you efficiently organize, search, and secure your emails. Gain peace of mind with our powerful analytics and reporting tools that keep you informed and in control

Don’t wait – experience the benefits of Email Vault for yourself. Start your risk-free trial today and enhance your compliance, archiving, search, and analytics processes.

Solve Your Compliance and Discovery Challenges with Email Vault

Email Vault is designed to address the most pressing email-related issues your business faces. Our platform simplifies compliance, enhances productivity, and provides insightful analytics, helping you turn email data into a valuable business asset. Explore the key problems we solve for you:

Compliance and Data Protection

Maintaining compliance with industry regulations while ensuring data protection can be challenging. Email Vault securely archives all your emails, making them easily retrievable to meet legal and regulatory requirements, and providing a reliable backup to safeguard against data loss.

Valuable Insights into Company and Customer Relations

Understanding your communication patterns can reveal critical insights into your business operations and customer relationships. Email Vault’s powerful analytics tools help you analyze email data to uncover trends, improve customer service, and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

Efficient Email Search

Finding specific emails among thousands can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. With Email Vault’s advanced search capabilities, you can locate any email in seconds, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.

How it Works

Email Vault is your solution for intelligent email management and analysis. Does it sound challenging to extract valuable insights from emails? Here’s how Email Vault simplifies it for you.

Access detailed insights into your company's email communications

Save time and eliminate the complexity of email data analysis. Email Vault’s Reporting turns your vast email data into understandable, actionable reports. With just a few clicks, select your parameters such as time frame, domain, or specific address. Email Vault quickly compiles this data into clear, concise reports. Whether it’s tracking communication trends or auditing for compliance, get the insights you need in an instant. 

Navigate your company's email archives effortlessly

No more sifting through endless emails manually. Email Vault’s search feature streamlines the process, saving you valuable time. Just enter your search criteria – whether it’s a specific keyword, date range, attachment, sender, or recipient – and Email Vault will do the rest. 

Understand employee engagement and workflow

Gain a clear picture of the departing employee’s email habits. Our Employee Focus Report details their sent and received emails, common correspondents, and attachment trends, helping you maintain ongoing projects and client relationships effectively.

Empower your MSP clients with self-service email management

Equip your MSP clients with the autonomy they need to handle their emails. Email Vault’s user-friendly interface enables them to conduct searches and create reports effortlessly. This self-service approach not only saves you valuable time but also enhances the overall service value you provide.

What is Email Archiving and How Does It Work?

Email archiving involves recording and securely storing every email sent or received by an organization to create an unalterable record of all email communications.


Email archiving solutions like Email Vault are often integrated with a company’s existing email system (like Office 365) without disrupting the flow of normal email traffic.

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